About Travis J Wagner


Travis J Wagner, originally hailing from central Pennsylvania, currently lives and works in the St. Louis metropolitan area as an artist walking the fine line between painter and sculptor.  Trained as a figurative painter and converted to sculpture, Wagner finds himself in a place where the two dimensional images that he makes are secondary to the objects that bear the images.  Physical presence and tactility are lingering thoughts after viewing Wagner's work.  Commissioned works from Wagner are breathing life into residential and commercial spaces across the country.  From boardrooms to living-rooms his customized work empowers space with presence and class.  Travis has recently shown work in the D.C. area at Capitol Skyline Hotel, Conner Smith Gallery, Corcoran Gallery of Art, and US General Service Administration building.  Travis has also shown nationally in New York NY, St. LouisMO,  BaltimoreMD, Fairfax VA, and Lebanon PA as well as showing internationally in Milan, and Fabriano Italy. 


twitter: @travisjwagner